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Free vaccines now available to LA County Residents.

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Hi everyone,

This week, the City of L.A. began administering third dose Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to people who are moderately or severely immunocompromised.

Anyone who qualifies should check with their healthcare provider to make sure that receiving a third dose is the best option. Moderna or Pfizer third doses will be administered at least 28 days after receiving the second dose. An additional dose is currently not recommended for those who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

On Monday, LAUSD schools reopened their doors to students for in-person instruction. To keep children and school staff safe, the District has COVID-19 protocols in place, such as requiring masks, practicing social distancing, encouraging frequent handwashing, providing COVID-19 testing and vaccines at school-based community vaccination centers, and much more.

Right now, it’s especially important that we do everything possible to reduce the transmission of this virus. The Delta variant has caused a rise in COVID cases and hospitalizations and is still here, but we have tools to protect ourselves and others: masks and vaccines. 


As one of the largest employers in the City of Los Angeles, we will continue doing our part to slow the spread of this virus. Our City Council voted to require all City employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine — unless a medical condition or religious beliefs prohibits vaccination. Exempt, non-vaccinated employees will be required to get tested regularly for COVID-19. As the Council President and I said last month, this move will help protect the health and safety of those who keep L.A. running, as well as the Angelenos we serve.

The vaccine remains free and available to anyone age 12 and older without proof of insurance or immigration status.

If you’re fully vaccinated, consider encouraging your family, friends, and neighbors. If you have children who are 12 and older, you can take them to more than 800 vaccination sites across L.A. County to receive the vaccine and give them the extra protection they need to have a healthy, fun, and safe school year. 

Here are the facts you need to know:

  • VACCINATION SITES: With more than 800 vaccination sites across L.A. County, it’s never been easier to get the vaccine. You can visit drive-thru, walk-up, and pop-up sites near you — or get vaccinated during your commute at L.A. Metro transit stations. L.A. County’s Call Center can also help you find vaccination sites in your area and help you register ahead of your visit. You can call (833) 540-0473 between 8 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. daily. Remember to bring proof of age to the site and if you are between 12 and 17 years old, bring this form.

  • FREE COVID-19 TESTING: Many vaccination sites are also offering free COVID-19 testing. Testing is recommended if you have COVID-19 symptoms — even if you are fully vaccinated — and if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. You can find a list of testing sites at

  • IN-HOME VACCINATIONS & FREE RIDES: If you are homebound, you can request an in-home vaccination. You can also request a free ride through Uber or Lyft. For more information about in-home vaccinations and free rides, contact L.A. County’s Call Center at (833) 540-0473 or fill out an online form.

  • BY THE NUMBERS: The City of Los Angeles has administered 1,388,600 vaccine doses at our City-run vaccination sites and mobile clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and fire stations. 

  • PET ADOPTION FEE WAIVER: Saturday, August 21 is National Pet Adoption Day and L.A. Animal Services is offering discounted adoption fees at all of its pet shelters between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. for people who show proof of vaccination. If you’re unvaccinated and looking to adopt, L.A. Animal Services is offering the vaccine for free at their East Valley, North Central, and South Los Angeles pet shelters. For more information, visit

  • STAY INFORMED: As we continue expanding our vaccination efforts, it’s important to get the latest news.

    • You can sign up for Notify LA to receive text alerts from the City about vaccine rollout, locations, and more.

    • Sign up for email updates from the L.A. County Department of Public Health.

    • Tell your friends and family to sign up for this VaxFacts newsletter or follow us at @MayorOfLA on Twitter.

Stay healthy and be safe.



Eric Garcetti
Your Mayor

P.S. As we move towards recovery, the City continues to provide testing, vaccines, economic relief, and other measures. For more information, visit our website.


Los Angeles County now offers in-home vaccinations for those who cannot leave their homes. You can call the LA County Department of Public Health to make an appointment at 833-540-0473 from 8:00AM – 8:30PM. More information is available on the left side

of where it says “In-home vaccination”. For your convenience, two flyers for in-home vaccinations are attached in English and Spanish. The website has these flyers available in other languages as well. Finally, links to in-home vaccinations for Long Beach and Pasadena residents are also available at this link.




El Condado de Los Ángeles ahora ofrece vacunas en el hogar para aquellos que no pueden salir de sus hogares. Puede llamar al Departamento de Salud Pública del Condado de Los Ángeles para hacer una cita al (833) 540-0473 de 8:00AM a 8:30PM. Hay más información disponible en el lado izquierdo de la página web donde dice “Vacunación domiciliaria”. Para su conveniencia, se han agregado dos folletos de vacunas en el hogar en inglés y español. La página web también tiene estos folletos disponibles en otros idiomas. Finalmente, los enlaces para las vacunas en el hogar para los residentes de Long Beach y Pasadena también están disponibles en este enlace.

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