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Top 26 Resources (apps) for Learning Sign Language

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Do you want to know more this 26 resources (apps)

Check this!

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1. Assign books with deaf characters or by deaf authors - Looking to assign your students books that highlight deaf characters? Check out these links:

2. Discuss famous deaf people - Checkout these links to get some ideas:

3. Discuss the significant events that have contributed to deaf services within the United States - Check out this time line for some ideas:

4. Create a poster - Have your students use myASLPublisher to create their own poster to celebrate Deaf History Month. myASLTech has over 22,000 sign language images to choose from! To get an idea, check out and download the poster we made using myASLPublisher below.

5. Interview an older deaf person - Have your students find an older deaf person in your community and ask questions about their experiences with deaf education, family life, and how sign language and assistive technologies have changed in their lifetime.

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